Our vision and mission

We are a national initiative that is identifying new ways of understanding what works and what doesn’t to prevent chronic disease.

Our work is co-produced by academic researchers, health system practitioners and policy makers from across Australia.

Taking a systems approach, our program of work will:

  • Strengthen the evidence base for the prevention of chronic disease.
  • Create and make readily available knowledge, either new or through syntheses of what is already known.
  • Build capacity to make more informed choices about prevention at policy, strategy, program and implementation levels.

We aim for our work to achieve:

  • New ways for researchers, policy and program practitioners to work together and form strong national networks.
  • Internationally significant research about innovative methods in prevention, systems science and communication of prevention.
  • Methods and approaches for communicating to governments and the community the value of prevention and the best investments in prevention efforts.
  • The development and use of frameworks, tools and strategies to activate an effective, efficient and equitable prevention system.
  • Increased capacity of researchers, policy makers and practitioners to use evidence and systems approaches in the design, implementation, evaluation and communication of prevention.