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Research projects

We have 37 projects, as well as a number of projects that our Standing Capacities are supporting. Most of these projects are described below, and a diagram of our projects and activities and their links to our objectives is here (PDF, 152KB).

Prevention Tracker: Learning locally to act nationally

This a proof-of-concept pilot study developed methods for identifying and measuring local prevention systems. We plan to use local knowledge to build a comprehensive picture of an effective prevention system. In short, we hope we can learn locally to act nationally.

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Learning from complexity: when theory follows practice

Professor Penny Hawe is leading a program of work that is gaining insights into the dynamics of complex interventions in public health.

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Are healthy diets really more expensive?

This project developed the first nationally standardised tools and protocols to determine the relative price and affordability of healthy and unhealthy (current) diets.

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Healthy public policy to support healthy and equitable eating

The project is producing the evidence needed to create public policies that enable healthy and equitable eating, with a focus on the food and social systems.

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Economic analysis of prevention: Evaluating the ripple effect

This project developed an approach to the economic analysis of prevention programs that is potentially broader than conventional forms of economic evaluation but simple enough to be used routinely.

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Model behaviour: A systems approach to alcohol-related harm

This project developed a system dynamics model of alcohol use to simulate the effectiveness of a variety of approaches to reducing alcohol-related harm. The model addressed binge drinking and high overall (or average) consumption.

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Informing a national approach to Aboriginal tobacco control

The project will look at current programs and assess best practice and opportunities for improvement. It will provide policy makers with a framework for a systematic approach to reducing tobacco use among Aboriginal people.

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Taking a snapshot of the economics of prevention

The project is taking a snapshot of the current state of the economic evidence about prevention and health promotion, identifying areas where the economic evidence is plentiful and areas where more evaluation has to be done.

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If you're interested in any of the Prevention Centre's research projects, or would like more information about any aspect of our work, please email us at or call us on (02) 9188 9576.

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