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We have 38 projects, as well as a number of projects that our Standing Capacities are supporting. Most of these projects are described below, and a diagram of our projects and activities and their links to our objectives is here (PDF, 152KB).

Mapping national action to prevent chronic disease

This project mapped State and Territory prevention responses to two national prevention initiatives: the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health and the 2005 National Chronic Disease Strategy.

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Unlocking the potential of law to prevent chronic disease

The project is developing empirical research tools that policy makers and researchers can use to identify deficiencies in existing public health law and to inform the design of legislative reform. These tools will build the capacity of those invested in prevention to respond to the epidemic of chronic disease with innovative, tailored and practical policy models.

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Mapping the role of health services in prevention

This PhD project is examining the role of non-admitted health services in delivering services aimed at preventing overweight and obesity. It will identify the barriers and enablers to incorporating a prevention focus into clinical care.

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Gestational diabetes through a systems science lens

This PhD project is examining the growing problem of gestational diabetes using systems science methods. It will produce a simulation model for gestational diabetes to map the interactions between risk factors, and explore potential points of intervention.

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Prevention Tracker: Learning locally to act nationally

This a proof-of-concept pilot study developed methods for identifying and measuring local prevention systems. We plan to use local knowledge to build a comprehensive picture of an effective prevention system. In short, we hope we can learn locally to act nationally.

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A prevention system: Even more than the sum of its parts

This program of research aims to better understand the current situation in relation to chronic disease prevention in Australia and provide recommendations about who and what is, or should be, involved in efforts to improve the prevention of chronic disease.

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Bringing together the national story of the Healthy Worker Initiatives

This project aimed to further our understanding of the changes in health outcomes, health behaviour and organisational culture that came out of the Healthy Worker Initiatives that were part of the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health.

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Are healthy diets really more expensive?

This project developed the first nationally standardised tools and protocols to determine the relative price and affordability of healthy and unhealthy (current) diets.

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