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The Prevention Centre is a collaboration of investigators, partners, research fellows and staff. Here we meet just a few of our staff and collaborators, learning about their work and life outside of work.

If you would like to suggest a colleague to be profiled, please email the Communications Manager Marge Overs.

Devon Indig

Multiple gold medalist, Dr Devon Indig loves long-haul flights and the cycling culture of the Netherlands.

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Kim Gordon

Artist and nomad, Kim Gordon, the Prevention Centre's new Knowledge Integration Manager, loves to build connections across different fields of knowledge.

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Joanne Greenfield

ACT Health’s Joanne Greenfield learnt the true meaning of health system strengthening when she ran child and maternal health services in Afghanistan.

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Claire Pearce

Claire Pearce has two mammoth tasks in front of her: starting her PhD with the Prevention Centre and training for a marathon.

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Nick Barker-Pendree

Self-confessed “sports freak” Nick Barker-Pendree keeps the Prevention Centre running smoothly in his role as Administration Officer. When he's not running, paddling with his dragon boat team or pumping iron at the gym, you might even find him on a cinema screen near you.

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Ellie Malbon

Systems thinking researcher Ellie Malbon has found her niche in the Prevention Centre's food system project based at the Australian National University. Ellie writes and performs poetry in her spare time.

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Wayne Adams

HCF's Wayne Adams says he sleeps well at night because of the impact of his work. He’s in for the long haul, recognising that change in health policy is slow.

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Emma Slaytor

Meet Emma Slaytor, former jillaroo, opera singer and lawyer, and now the Prevention Centre’s Program Manager. Emma has come back to public health after five years working as a medical lawyer in the corporate world.

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