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The Prevention Centre is a collaboration of investigators, partners, research fellows and staff. Here we meet just a few of our staff and collaborators, learning about their work and life outside of work.

If you would like to suggest a colleague to be profiled, please email the Communications Manager Marge Overs.

Kathryn Placencia

Our newest member of the team enjoys working in areas that help society, now and in the future and is a keen badminton player.

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Luke Wolfenden

Luke Wolfenden is drawn to the work of the Prevention Centre because of the focus on systems science.

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Diane Finegood

Professor Finegood is constantly thinking about how to help people embrace rather than retreat from complex problems.

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Ainsley Burgess

As Senior Publishing Officer, our newest team member Ainsley Burgess is producing a suite of resources that communicates the findings of our research projects for key audiences.

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Christina Heris

PhD candidate Christina Heris is passionate about understanding the human stories behind her research into smoking among Aboriginal adolescents.

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Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly used to run a hospital in Malawi, and is an accomplished Scottish country dancer.

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Billie Giles-Corti

Most people don't know that Billie Giles-Corti left school at 15 and returned to study at 24.

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Cameron Willis

Principal Research Fellow and NHMRC Sidney Sax Public Health Fellow, Dr Cameron Willis is delighted to be back on home soil after four years in Canada.

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