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Case studies of impact

Building a local workforce of dynamic modellers

The Prevention Centre is building the capacity of Australian policy makers and academics to use dynamic simulation modelling techniques to address complex public health problems.

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Informing Tasmania's Alcohol Action Framework

Our dynamic simulation modelling team is working in Tasmania to understand the best way of tackling harmful alcohol consumption.

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PhD project builds network to tackle diabetes in pregnancy

A PhD project has led to the development of a network of senior clinical experts, academics and dynamic systems modellers tackling diabetes in pregnancy in the ACT.

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Mapping vital connections between food programs in Tasmania

Methods used to map social networks developed by Prevention Tracker team have led to new investment in a local food program in Tasmania.

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Informing the NSW Premier’s Priority on childhood overweight and obesity

A dynamic simulation modelling tool developed in partnership between the Prevention Centre and policy makers is being used to predict which policies will work.

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A policy roadmap to address unhealthy diet and obesity

A Prevention Centre project has identified concrete actions that governments in Australia can take to address obesity.

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