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Prevention Tracker project learns from local wisdom

8 October 2015

The Prevention Centre is working with a Tasmanian community on a pilot study that aims to learn from local activities to build a comprehensive picture of an effective prevention system.

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Call to bust the myths in prevention

2 October 2015

Public health advocates need to call out myths about chronic disease prevention, including that the public opposes government action to protect public health, Dr Sharon Willcox says.

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Hands-on modelling workshop tackles complexity of alcohol misuse

10 August 2015

A Prevention Centre research project has held the first of two workshops that will help develop a unique policy analysis tool for the prevention of alcohol-related harm in NSW.

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Putting a price on food: is price a barrier to healthy eating?

9 July 2015

Professor Amanda Lee is leading a project that is hoping to provide a fuller picture of the link between food pricing and the consumption of healthy food.

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New awards recognise research impact

3 July 2015

In 2015 the Sax Institute is launching its inaugural Research Action Awards to recognise research that has made a significant impact on health policy, programs or service delivery.

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When theory follows practice: learning from complex interventions

11 June 2015

Professor Penny Hawe is leading a program of work on complex intervention theory for the Prevention Centre.

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A nudge and a think: the architecture of choice and health

19 May 2015

Behaviour change prompted by nudge theory alone is not going to solve the complex problem of obesity and chronic disease, according to UK public health leader Professor Mike Kelly.

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Building a long-term framework for Aboriginal tobacco control

16 April 2015

A new Prevention Centre project is developing a comprehensive national framework to guide action on reducing tobacco use among Aboriginal people.

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