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Prevention Centre news

When theory follows practice: learning from complex interventions

11 June 2015

Professor Penny Hawe is leading a program of work on complex intervention theory for the Prevention Centre.

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A nudge and a think: the architecture of choice and health

19 May 2015

Behaviour change prompted by nudge theory alone is not going to solve the complex problem of obesity and chronic disease, according to UK public health leader Professor Mike Kelly.

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Building a long-term framework for Aboriginal tobacco control

16 April 2015

A new Prevention Centre project is developing a comprehensive national framework to guide action on reducing tobacco use among Aboriginal people.

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Not all Big Food should be at the table

14 November 2014

The public health sector should engage with the food industry – but not all food companies are worth a conversation, says food system investigator Professor Sharon Friel.

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The food industry: Finding common ground

10 November 2014

Public health should avoid “slinging rocks and arrows” at the food industry if it wants to tackle the complexity of the obesity epidemic, says public health leader Professor Diane Finegood.

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Victoria embraces systems thinking in prevention

7 October 2014

Dr Shelley Bowen says systems thinking is transforming Victoria’s approach to preventing obesity and lifestyle-related chronic disease.

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Talking the walk: health planners urged to attend conference

8 September 2014

Sydney will host a conference where health planners can share strategies to make our cities more walkable – reducing one of the key risk factors for chronic disease, physical inactivity.

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Evaluating prevention – not just about the bottom line

28 July 2014

Economic analysis of prevention programs has traditionally focused on measuring the bottom line, but it doesn’t often capture all the benefits of prevention programs.

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