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Prevention Centre news

Community insights inform larger scale prevention programs

7 June 2016

A new project generate evidence on strategies that have successfully enabled community prevention interventions to be scaled up.

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Small wins in local communities make national change possible

6 June 2016

A Prevention Centre project is tapping into the experience of local communities to tackle the epidemic of lifestyle-related chronic disease facing Australia.

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How to attract a policy maker’s attention

2 June 2016

Senior NSW Health bureaucrat Associate Professor Sarah Thackway offers five tips on approaching a policy maker

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Simulation modelling helps to unpick causes of gestational diabetes

1 June 2016

A multi-disciplinary group of clinicians, policy makers, researchers and modellers has worked together to map the risk factors and causes of gestational diabetes in the ACT.

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Public health accolade goes to two Prevention Centre investigators

30 May 2016

Professors Penny Hawe and Alan Shiell have been honoured by the UK Faculty of Public Health for exceptional contributions to the science, literature or the practice of public health.

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Closing the gap in evidence around public health law

24 May 2016

The law can be as effective in addressing poor health outcomes as any pharmaceutical – yet there is virtually no research evaluating its impact or unintended consequences.

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Better evaluation could unlock benefits of public health law

24 May 2016

Australia has an excellent track record in effective public health law interventions, but there is great untouched potential to use the law to combat the chronic disease epidemic.

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Keeping it real: the potential of big data in simulation modelling

9 May 2016

Big data are providing vital insights into real-life human behaviour and transforming the modelling of public health interventions.

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