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Prevention Centre in the media

The Prevention Centre wants to engage with the broader community about the prevention of lifestyle-related chronic disease. This section includes media coverage of our work and events.


Prevention a prescription for better health in Australia

14 June 2017

14 June 2017: A report by Hannah Jackson and Alan Shiell, Preventive health:
How much does Australia spend and is it enough? was launched at Parliament House.

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How to lose weight: the obesity dilemma

1 June 2017: Chief Investigator Professor Sharon Friel and Scientific Advisory Committee member Professor Diane Finegood spoke to the ABC’s Life Matters about the wicked problem of obesity.

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Health research partnerships build policy relevance

5 April 2017: Deputy Director Sonia Wutzke's opinion piece in the Australian highlighted the benefits of our approach to partnership research.

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Obese kids have nowhere to go: study

5 April 2017: Childhood obesity is a priority issue yet the level of public support available to Australian families is "inadequate", according to new research presented at the World Congress on Public Health in Melbourne.

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Policies for tacking obesity and creating healthier environments

20 February 2017: The national launch of our landmark study received widespread media coverage Australia-wide.

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Introducing NSW liquor controls state-wide could reduce acute alcohol harms by 20%

7 November 2016: The Prevention centre’s dynamic simulation model provides insights into the policies and combinations of policies that will have the greatest effect on reducing alcohol-related harms in NSW.

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A healthy diet is cheaper than junk food but a good diet is still too expensive for some

15 May 2016: Professor Amanda Lee busts the myth that healthy food costs more than junk food.

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We should broaden our view of science if it’s to help make good public policy

10 March 2016: The science of public health and why it counts: Professor Penny Hawe writes in The Conversation.

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