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Taking a systems approach to prevention

What is a systems approach?

A system is a set of interrelated parts that form a whole. A system is not only the sum of its parts, but the product of their interaction.

Systems thinking is a way of finding out what to do in a complex situation. It can help us approach otherwise unmanageable problems by providing:

  • A different perspective (seeing all parts, and their interconnections)
  • Tools and methods that can be used to explore the system, keeping in mind the dynamic nature of the parts and their relationships.

What is particularly useful about a systems approaches is it does not require us to know everything about the system before engaging in problem-solving activities.

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How to use systems

When considering systems work, it is important to first determine the kind of problem you are working with, and choose the approach accordingly.

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How we are using systems thinking

The Prevention Centre is using a systems approach to the prevention of chronic disease. We do this through:

  • Being systematic about prevention
  • Working across different systems to improve health
  • Recognising that prevention action takes place in ecological systems
  • Using systems tools and theories to analyse and improve policy and practice in prevention.

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More resources on systems thinking

Interested in doing more with systems but not sure where to start, or how? The systems resources section of our website offers a host of different resources to help get you started.

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